Working primarily in woodcut, my prints explore the human experience by reflecting on my loves and losses and what it means to live, develop and suffer alongside others. With my collection of monsters and deities known as “gawds,” I am creating an expanding mythological narrative to probe these emotions and themes. Part self-portraiture and part fiction, gawds are well-meaning yet flawed deities who explore insecurities that torment everyday people. Moving between ancestral and contemporary spaces, cosmology and the fear of vulnerability entwine. Key in my work is the desire to embrace vices to curb the existential crisis that plagues so many of us.

Inspired by Albrecht Dürer and my contemporaries Belkis Ayon, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Devan Shimoyama and influenced by mythology, science fiction and Lovecraftian writing, my prints are a culmination of my identity and interests.